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CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - COUNTRY - - 4 -

- 5 - Hello and welcome to the 2022 edition of the CEO Today Middle East Awards! Year upon year, the CEO Today Middle East Awards celebrate excellence, dedication and innovative thinking across all key business sectors and industries in the Middle East, recognising the most inspiring leaders at the helm of the region’s most successful companies. As a result of higher oil prices and a stronger global economic environment, the Middle East returned to stable growth and enjoyed a positive economic rebound in 2021. This is why CEO Today is immensely proud to be able to provide a platform that recognises the CEOs and business leaders who have worked tirelessly, not just over the past 12 months, to make this growth possible. Congratulations to all of our winners!

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CEO of TCIG As the CEO and Co-Founder of TCIG, Hyder is the key driving force behind the overall Group’s growth, its strategy and business diversity. Hailing from the North of the United Kingdom, Hyder has been at the helm of the business since 2012, when it set up the Global Hub of business operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Hyder’s core experience is in Consumer Engagement, having led strategies and transformation programs for internationally recognised blue-chip brands and conglomerates throughout the world. Formulating like-minded partnerships with key players, the business has gone from strength to strength. With his extensive understanding of Marketing, Communications, Loyalty, Technology and the Digital Space, he has been able to connect the dots of complex business needs, not just a think tank but an executable eco-system of delivery for implementation of a strategy. He mastered and devised a four-step process – Analyse, Strategise, Deliver and Monitor which has been the core of the approach that led him and the group to immense success. Hyder’s management style is somewhat unique for a CEO. His attention to detail and clarity in direction ensures that the whole team across the ecosystem are set up to succeed without the need for complex layers of leadership or cumbersome processes. He has a simple “let’s cross the I’s and dot the T’s and get things done” attitude. This has led to global recognition and immense success for the group, and Hyder personally. Cohen Hyder CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - BAHRAIN - - 7 -

- 8 - CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - BAHRAIN - Tell us a little bit about TCIG’s values and mission? Ali Cohen and I took the saying “Jack of all trade, master on none” and challenged this. Why can’t you be a “Jack of all trade, master of all?”. The reality is, businesses spend more time managing outsourced services than focusing on the needs of business, mostly delivered by multiple companies with no holistic overview of the challenges at hand. With this simple problem in mind, we gave birth to a smart, talentdriven organisation delivering comprehensive services to partners worldwide in a singular relationship. With the delivery ecosystem at TCIG, we strategise not for the sake of strategy but tangible, deliverable solutions to common day business problems and needs. Multiple relationships under one hood. This is the key to the success of our diverse organisation. Our mission is outlined simply with a mantra that we all at the organisation live by: Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. Nothing but perfection will do. What makes TCIG unique? Our key uniqueness is in our people, they are at the helm of the deliverable ecosystem. The passion and loyalty our team has to deliver cohesiveness and excellence is what makes us at TCIG a go-to partner, not just a supplier or vendor. There is no company in the region, if not globally, that can offer a truly comprehensive offering like TCIG. Anyone can come up with an idea, or an element of the product that is not part of the core business, and we will take things from start to finish. From Strategy to Concept, from Business Development & Marketing to Program Management and Fulfilment, from Contact Centre Support to Accounting Support; in essence, an arm of a business within a business. Our multiple divisions feed each other to deliver our clients and partners with holisticness in thinking, delivery and management of programs for travel, e-commerce, loyalty and manufacturing.

CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - 9 - - BAHRAIN - What have you been working on over the past 12 months? I have been working on extending the diversity of TCIG. Over the past 12 months, we have launched Hydur, our foray into a directly consumer-facing business. A lifestyle brand that curates quintessential products that provide individuality and personalisation which, we believe, drive memorability for our customers. The Hydur business has 5 dedicated verticals:HydurFragrances–primarily focused on scent nebulization for on the go, at home and work scenting; Hydur Collective – a unique limited piece-based fashion collective; Hydur Workshop – the first dedicated B2B Clothing manufacturing service with no minimum order quantities to support smaller businesses who want to launch their own brands; Hydur Bespoke – a distinctive contemporary tailoring and styling service in the GCC and Hydur Residences – Branded Villas, Hotels and Interiors for the higher end of the market. Our residences are designed and built with the residents in mind not just to look good but to be functional. The Hydur business launch has proven to be a massive success with fully operational bases in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the United Kingdom. In addition to the Hydur business, we have launched a fully-fledged travel operation in the United Kingdom and Bahrain to support our ongoing fulfilment partners for loyalty and travel programs with a full IATA license and relevant tourism licensing in place. This has given us more control over the fulfilment aspect of our travel product to our customers globally and sees our entry into the travel and tourism business. What do you look forward to for the future of TCIG? As a talent-centric business, the future is all about holding and introducing talent in the verticals we operate in. We aim to train, engage, and recruit the finest talent not just based on experience but based on conviction and a passion to succeed. Furthermore, the future is all about local and international growth, and we have implemented a focused strategy that will see our global business footprint grow into the United States and beyond. In addition to growing our partnerships with our plethora of global brands, we are engaging actively with new partners and clients that will see us growing our Loyalty, Travel and Manufacturing businesses respectively in new markets and regions.

- 10 - CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - BAHRAIN - We are also undergoing a process of our propriety platform technology upgrade, which will see our already superior technology platform that is delivering online selling and fulfilment for Travel, Loyalty and e-Commerce hit even higher heights setting the benchmark and exceeding what currently the technology space has to offer. Our new technology will be driven by business and marketeers, as this has always been the philosophy and approach since day one, unlike others who are driven by techies. The importance of loaded not bloated technology platforms is at the heart of our evolution and technology that delivers on time, user-intuitive front ends and superior user-friendly administrative functions that will see us setting a new standard in the technology platform space. What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being the CEO of TCIG? The most challenging part of my role as the CEO is to steer the business to grow organically and methodically. It can be tempting to bite more than one can chew, but my approach is to take things piece by piece, do them right and do them justice then grow them leading into building selfsufficient divisions that feed into an eco-system of delivery that is holistic yet cohesive and complementary to another element of the business. The rewards are seen when we can offer holisticness in our deliverable obligations to our partners and clients, globally, by devising well thought out strategies and programs that enable businesses to flourish without the complexity of managing multiple 3rd party relationships. Being able to say yes and to challenge the rationale is all that I and my team are about foundationally. The sense of seeing a strategy to deliver and running it to success is what the organisation thrives off. What does this award mean to you? It is humbling to have received this award, not just for me personally but for my whole team too. Without my team’s unprecedented support and alignment to my vision, the success and recognition would be meaningless. So, I accept this award not just as a CEO of a global organisation but as a person who sees the reason for my personal and organisational success in the hands of a dedicated, diverse, and committed team of experts and perfectionists who are not simply in a job for namesake but do things with conviction and passion. I especially would like to share this award with my colleagues Ali Cohen and Majd Hejair, without whom at the helm, the day-to-day operations of a complex organisation like ours would simply not be possible. This one is for the team.

CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - 11 - - BAHRAIN - Without my team’s unprecedented support and alignment to my vision, the success and recognition would be meaningless. ❝ ❝


Bahrain Dr. Amy Bowzaylo Intouch Clinic 14

Contact: Stephanie Long Practice Manager T: +973 3317 4458 E: CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - BAHRAIN - - 14 - About Dr. Amy Bowzaylo Dr. Amy Bowzaylo was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. Shortly after receiving her Doctorate in Chiropractic, she began working across the globe, gaining exposure to many unique clinical settings and environments. Dr. Amy’s experience in two fully integrated sports medicine clinics in California led her to her 10 year career as the Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the triple accredited (JCI, ACI, ACHS) Saad Specialist Hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This invaluable experience helped to shape her pathway towards the development of her holistic center, InTouch Integrated Rehabilitation Center. Dr. Amy has a special interest in sports medicine and works along side many athletic teams, including rugby, football, gymnastics, marathons, triathlons, golf and she also has a special interest in women’s health, prenatal and postnatal care. Dr. Amy’s interest in community outreach and education has contributed to a learning garden at the British Preparatory School as well as mentorship to highschool students interested in physical medicine, Labour Day outreach and countless contributions to local charities and local clubs.

InTouch Rehabilitation Center Dr. Amy decided that it was time to make a lasting impact, so she established InTouch Rehabilitation Center in the Kingdom of Bahrain. While initially focusing on Chiropractic care, Dr. Amy always had a vision to establish a multidisciplinary, holistic center. Female education has always been one of the focal points of InTouch, which prides itself on the development of Bahraini female-based employment programs in the fields of physical therapy and exercise rehabilitation. Our Growth: 2015: Intouch led the way in Sports Rehabilitation in the Kingdom of Bahrain by becoming the medical provider for the Bahrain Rugby Football Club andBSBK Ducati Superbikes and was a contributing partner to the development of Triathalon, Bahrain. 2016-2017: The InTouch Team expanded rapidly, with a 35% increase in patient flow from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. InTouch took a deep look at their community and patients’ needs and decided it was time to implement lasting change by adding several services; including Posture Educational Programs for schools. 2018-2021: Awards: MEA Business Award (Best Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Center) Health Care and Pharmaceutical Award (Best Patient-Centered Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic in Bahrain) InTouch continued to grow through pursuing partnerships that enhanced their core services of functional holistic medicine. InTouch partnered with organizations including: academic and medical centers, universities, technology organizations, and international partners to accelerate the widespread adoptions of functional medicine as the standard of care. They expanded their Chiropractic team, to include USA trained Dr. Sydney Palmer and introduced their newest services, Naturopathic Medicine with Canadian trained Dr. Taal Balbino and a biomechanics lab. Clinical Director and CEO of InTouch Clinic Bowzaylo Amy Dr. CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - BAHRAIN - - 15 - Our Services: • Chiropractic Medicine • Physiotherapy • Functional Exercise Rehabilitation • Strength and Conditioning • Hydrotherapy • Posture Ergonomics Lab • Dry Needling • Hijama • Manual Therapy • Naturopathic Medicine • Speech and Language Therapy • Pitch Side Rehabilitation

Egypt Nabil Rashdan Travco Group International Omar El Sergany Reflections Digital Agency Salah Ghobrial Gama Construction 20 18 22

Rashdan Nabil About Nabil Rashdan Chief Executive Officer of Travco Group International Holding overseeing the various subsidiaries under the Travco Group International umbrella namely; Hotels, Nile cruises, Tourism, Real Estate, Construction, Power & Utilities. Dr. Rashdan holds a wealth of experience exceeding 20 years with successful track record overseeing product strategy and profitable financial growth in the private and governmental sectors which have added great value to Travco Group International’s working processes. His culminated experience in implementation of legislations, policy making, strategy development, and financial management both at the international and national levels will accelerate product strategy execution, resulting in strong revenue growth. Dr. Rashdan’s corporate management experience and leadership are perfectly matched to capture the scale of growth and diversity of Travco Group International’s network of operations that extend worldwide. CEO of Travco Group CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - EGYPT - - 18 -

Firm Profile Travco Group International is a privately held corporation founded in 1979 headed by Chairman Hamed El Chiaty with international presence in Middle East, Europe and Asia. The company integrates various platforms and industries including Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Aviation, Transportation, Real Estate, Engineering & Construction, Security Services, Retail and Merchandise with asset value over EGP 70 billion. Through experienced management team and exclusive partnerships committed to excellence, Travco Group developed a multi-faceted organization that focuses on the integration of Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Aviation, Transportation, Real Estate, Engineering & Construction, Security Services, Retail and Merchandise achieving a leading brand with a footprint across the globe. Our consistent customer centric approach elevated our services to reflect a lifetime experience for our clients. We take pride in covering every aspect of our customers journey to introduce unique values through our excessive global network of operational services and branches. We continuingly adopt and integrate innovative initiatives by creating value in virgin destinations and transforming them into a major touristic attraction. With nearly 3.5 million travelers coming to Egypt using Travco’s facilities and services, we leverage our state-of-the-art headquarters in Sheikh Zayed City consolidating all operations under one roof keeping close tabs on both the operational and service efficiency. With the headquarters serving as the nerve center for all the group operations, Travco has been expanding its presence across the world empowered by over 24 thousand employees who passionately and professionally embrace the organization growth. Through years of experience in the Egyptian travel market, Travco Travel has carefully crafted a plethora of unique tours and vacation packages. Travco Travel offers different types of creative packages including safari adventures across Egypt’s desert landscapes, as well as cultural, recreational experiences in historical landmarks and treasures; luxury resort getaways indulging in the rich, colorful marine life and breathtaking blues of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Our skilled team provides the highest quality through contracting, booking and packaging various components of the experience such as hotels, transportation, cruises, tour guides, excursions, optional tours, ights and more. CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - EGYPT - - 19 -

- 20 - Firm Profile Reflections Was Founded in 2011, With a wide variety of digital services and a great team of experts, offering suitable solutions to help you to take your business to the next level. Our team is carefully picked to help us strive for client excellence & offer a delightful client experience at every point of contact. Marketing has changed. As digital extends into all areas of our lives, every tweet, status update and video has become a potential customer touchpoint. While this gives advertisers some great opportunities, it also means customers expect more. Audiences today want services and content that meet their needs, wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. For that, our presence is fundamental, starting from your in house infrastructure & workflow automation software to make sure that the business process is efficient, cost effective and time effective. Our Services • Web Development • App Development • E-commerce Development & operations • Social Media Optimization • Search Engine Optimization • Traditional Marketing • Outdoor Events • Activations • Billboards El Sergany Omar CEO & Founder of Reflections Digital Agency About Omar El-Sergany Omar is the CEO and Founder of Reflections, he leads the development and execution of the Companies long term strategy. and is responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Companies long and short term plans. Omar has a demonstrated background and real talent in the field of technology, the leaps he’s made in the field having started as a developer himself and sharpened his talent with constant research and education led him to the advanced leadership and management status he holds at the moment as he founded reflections with a faith of changing the field and providing value added along the way. • Radio Campaigns • TV Ads • Business Consultancy • Marketing Consultancy • Digital Marketing Strategies • Creative services • Video Production • Content Production • Start up coaching CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - EGYPT -

CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - 21 - - EGYPT -

CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - EGYPT - - 22 - About Salah Ghobrial Salah Ghobrial joined the company in 2016 as Managing Director, bringing onboard over 17 years of diverse managerial and technical expertise. Ghobrial played a key role in setting the company’s growth strategy and leading internal restructuring. In January 2018, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer, and is now responsible for developing high-level strategies and leading the international expansion. Ghobrial holds a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering from the American University in Cairo.

CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - EGYPT - - 23 - Ghobrial Salah Firm Profile Based in Egypt, Gama Construction delivers turnkey projects to a diverse group of high-profile clients. Founded in 1991, Gama is a member of Triangle Group, one of the country’s oldest commercial groups, which was established in 1810. We provide engineering and construction services for industrial, buildings, and infrastructure projects. Across all three sectors, Gama’s scope includes civil works, electrical, mechanical, and finishing works. Gama is one of Egypt’s leading private-sector companies, registered “Class A” in general construction by the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors. The company has also earned international qualifications including ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001 certificates. Since its establishment, the company has continuously expanded its operations by consistently delivering quality services that always meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We are committed to producing the best final output whilemaintaining a safe project site, and creating an environment for our employees that is consistently recognized as one of the best companies to work. Gama has taken on important roles in many large-scale national projects that have wide-ranging economic impact. Some of those projects are the ministry buildings in the New Administrative Capital, the Middle East largest industrial cement complex in Beni Suef, the Technology Park in Beni Suef. In addition, we took part in executing 390MV plants in Benban Solar Park in Aswan, one of the world’s largest solar parks. Currently, Gama is working on the Light Rail Transit that is considered one of the current pivotal projects connecting cities. What We Do With more than two decades of experience delivering complex and logistically challenging projects, we constantly work to maintain the highest level of quality, safety, and work technique. No matter what it is our client needs, we can make it the reality. We deliver turnkey construction projects, providing a full range of services including civil works, electrical installations, mechanical erection, and finishing services. Gama has the resources and knowledge to execute projects of all scopes and sizes, and our experienced team has the skills and expertise to operate anywhere around the world. We understand that each project comes with its own set of unique circumstances and challenges, and so we build a custom approach that will meet our customer’s needs and deliver the best value. By delivering high-quality services, we are able to both create long-term relationships with our clients and impact the community around us. Internally, we continuously invest in our own team through training and skill development. CEO of GAMA Construction

Israel Gil Shwed 26 Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

About Gil Shwed Gil Shwed is the founder and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Shwed is considered the inventor of the modern firewall and authored several patents, such as the company’s Stateful Inspection technology. Mr. Shwed has received numerous accolades for his individual achievements and industry contributions, including the Israel Prize for his contributions to the Israeli tech industry and philanthropy, an honorary Doctor of Science from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, an honorary Doctor of Science from Tel Aviv University, the World Economic Forum’s Global Leader for Tomorrow for his commitment to public affairs and leadership in areas beyond immediate professional interests, and the Academy of Achievement’s Golden Plate Award for his innovative contribution to business and technology. Mr. Shwed is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Youth University of Tel Aviv University, a Tel Aviv University Governor and founder of the University’s Check Point Institute for Information Security. Mr. Shwed chairs the board of directors of Yeholot Association -- founded by the Rashi Foundation, the Yeholot Association’s charter focuses on, among other things, reducing Israel’s high school dropout rates. Founder & CEO Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - ISRAEL - - 26 - Firm Profile CEO Gil Shwed founded Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP) in 1993. From our inception, we had a vision of making Internet communications and critical data secure, reliable and available everywhere. Since then, we have grown to be one of the largest pure-play security vendors globally, and provide industry-leading solutions to protect customers from all types of cyberattacks. At Check Point, we believe you deserve the best security! Check Point Software Technologies Ltd is a leading provider of cyber security solutions to governments and corporate enterprises globally. Its solutions protect customers from 5th generation cyber-attacks with an industry leading catch rate of malware, ransomware and other types of attacks. Check Point offers multilevel security architecture, “Infinity” Total Protection with Gen V advanced threat prevention, which defends enterprises’ cloud, network and mobile device held information. Check Point provides the most comprehensive and intuitive one point of control security management system. Check Point protects over 100,000 organizations of all sizes. For the last three decades, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. has set the standard for Cyber Security. Our mission is to secure your everything. Across the ever-evolving digital world, from enterprise networks through cloud transformations, from securing remote employees to defending critical infrastructures, we protect organizations from the most imminent cyber threats. With Check Point Infinity, the only consolidated cyber security solution across cloud, networks, endpoints, mobile and IoT, we are continuously pioneering cyber security innovation with the most advanced AI-based threat Intelligence and prevention technologies, unified security management, and cloud security automation to help protect organizations from 6th generation of cyber attacks. With over 3,500 security experts, a world-acclaimed research and intelligence unit, and the broadest ecosystem of business and technology partners, we protect over 100,000 organizations of all sizes across all industry verticals in 88 countries to achieve better experiences for a safer digital world. Check Point Incident Response Team (CPIRT) offers 24/7, data(Intelligence)-driven, and vendor-agnostic incident response services. The CPIRT global team helps our customers manage, mitigate, and understand active cyber incidents. The team helps customers of all sizes prepare for cyber incidents through proactive services; such as Playbook Development, Tabletop Exercises, and Threat Hunting We protect over 100,000 organizations of all sizes across all industry verticals in 88 countries to achieve better experiences for a safer digital world. ❝ ❝ CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - ISRAEL - - 27 -

Jordan Haytham Rawajbeh 30 Falcons Soft CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - JORDAN - - 30 -

About Haytham Rawajbeh As one of Falcons Soft co-founders in 1997, Mr. Rawajbeh served as Executive Manager until he became CEOof Falcons Soft in 2011. He has guided the company as it has grown froma small office with only two employees to one of the most respected Jordanian software companies with more than 4,000 clients and 100 engineers. Mr. Rawajbeh remains in regular contact with Falcons Soft clients as the company has grown, giving out his direct number to clients and cultivating the close business relationships for which Falcons Soft is known. Since so many clients refer Falcons Soft to their colleagues, it is clear that Mr. Rawajbeh’s availability and understanding of client needs continue to distinguish Falcons Soft. Prior to co-founding Falcons Soft, Mr. Rawajbeh worked as an IT manager for international IT companies. After several years of extensive experience in the tech sector, Mr. Rawajbeh cofounded Falcons Soft in order to provide specialized programming and information systems solutions for businesses. Falcons Soft earliest systems addressed the needs of pharmacies, accounting agencies, human resources departments, and general stores. Since then, the company had developed more than 23 systems in a wide variety of sectors. After nearly 20 years and under Mr. Rawajbeh’s guidance, Falcons Soft has expanded to six branches across the region and secured partnerships with international companies, including OKPOS, Poindus, Sam4s, P2C, Marson, Gems Pvt. Ltd, Guangzhou City Science&Technology Co. Ltd, Hangzhou Xiongbo Electronic Sound Co., and Xiamen Kuanyi Electronics Technology Co. Firm Profile Falcons Soft has provided IT solutions and customized systems to businesses for nearly 20 years. Founded in 1997, we have grown from a small office with only two employees to one of the most respected Jordanian software companies with more than 4,000 clients and 100 engineers in six offices across the region. Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, Falcons Soft has benefited from his majesty King Abdullah II’s commitment to developing the Information and Communications Technology Sector of Jordan. This unique environment has allowed the company to tap into the highly skilled and tech-savvy human capital that has matured over the past twenty years. Our staff are regional experts who are well acquainted with the IT challenges faced by businesses operating in countries struggling to adapt technological solutions. CEO of Falcons Soft Rawajbeh Haytham CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - JORDAN - - 31 -

Kuwait . Shaheen Hamad Al Ghanem Warba Bank 36

- 34 - CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - KUWAIT - Firm Profile Going into our 62nd year, we are as young as the Nation of Kuwait, and share the same aspirations for development and progress. We owe this infectious attitude to none other than our founder, the late patriarch of our family, Mr. Govind Mirchandani. When our founder landed at Kuwait in 1952, he immediately conceived it to be truly the land of milk and honey. True to vision, and within the decade, in 1961 Mr. Mirchandani established Raja General Store and Trading Company. By building on his business acumen, and working very hard, Govind Mirchandani soon established Raja Stores as ‘the go to’ Department Store for gifts, books, perfumes, electrical appliances, materials, tailoring and toys. Time passed, the business flourished, and Raja Stores branched into audio and video distribution and grew in patronage and stature. Govind Mirchandani had moved on too, he was now the proud father of four children, two girls and two boys. Raja Stores suffered grievously during the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. It’s at times like this that the investment in family, society, and goodwill become evident, when after the liberation of Kuwait, the Mirchandani family and their well-wishers pulled together and re-established Raja Stores. It also set the scene for the next generation of Mirchandanis to step up to the wicket to bat. The story of a hundred brands and the multitude of customers drawn to these brands commences here. Traditionally hard working, and business savvy by nature, as well as being well educated, the young ShaleshMirchandani, popularly known as Rohit, was determined to elevate the family business to the next level. An entrepreneur by nature, Rohit set about creating new and diverse business lines by researching niche markets as Safety Equipment and Mega Kitchen Equipment, and then moving on, and the journey continues... G. Mirchandani Rohit Managing Director of Raja Company W.L.L. When my late father founded what was then Raja General Store and Trading Company in 1962, he may not have anticipated the variety of Divisions that come under the Raja Company umbrella today. I have made particular effort to diversify the business lines in the company, this is to ensure that we are in every relevant segment of the market, and to develop a truly multi-tasking workforce that is nimble and responsive to market trends. The only constant in our markets today is change. The key word here is ‘Change’ and Raja Company is a firm believer in adapting and innovating and reinventing itself to keep pace with the times. These are the skills that have taken us from perfumes to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and from website development and hosting to IIoT capabilities. Three objectives driveme today, to always focus on customers’ requirements, to continue to evolve our offering to the market with particular attention to new technologies, to grow without compromising our ethics and traditional inclinations to give back to the community at every opportunity.

CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - 35 - - KUWAIT -

Shaheen Hamad Al Ghanem About Shaheen Hamad Al Ghanem Alghanem holds a master’s degree in business administration from Maastricht University and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Kuwait University. He has broad and long experience of over 32 years in banking and investment. He began his career in the oil sector in 1988 until 1999, then moved to the financial and investment sector where he served as assistant chief financial officer in the International Investor Company in 1999. He moved to Kuwait Finance House in 2001 where he held several positions in various departments, the last of which being general manager of the international banking department in 2012 and acting chief investment officer in 2013. Alghanem joined Warba Bank in March 2014 as deputy CEO for investment and treasury and then assumed the position of chief executive officer since 2016. Warba Bank CEO of CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - KUWAIT - - 36 -

Firm Profile Warba Bank was established on February 17, 2010 by virtue of an Amiri Decree aiming to boost the economic situation after the crisis witnessed by Kuwait. On April 7, 2010, Warba Bank joined the Islamic Banks Register at the Central Bank of Kuwait. The bank met the aspirations of Kuwaitis and earned their trust. It managed, in a short time, to position itself in the banking sector, As a leader in Islamic Digital Retail Solutions. What We Offer Personal Banking Warba Bank’s mobile application with solutions that bring us together! Enjoy the first digital Jam3eya, Family Account service to easily manage your children’s accounts, Split Bill between friends and much more… Corporate Banking Warba Bank designed several innovative financing products to offer you the cash credit facilities that fit your needs. The bank uses the money to buy goods, assets or benefits based on your needs, your demand and your promise to buy or rent. Then it sells them to you at a deferred rate including the cost plus profits or fees, to be paid either in a lump sum or by installments. Our integrated set of flexible and competitive cash credit facilities helps you plan to expand and grow your business. The Corporate Banking Group always makes every effort to develop and innovate, and that by providing Islamic banking solutions through which it meets the needs and aspirations of various segments of customers in several economic sectors. Investment Banking Structured & Securitization Finance Structured & Securitization Finance provides clients with funding solutions that are designed specifically to meet their funding requirements and balance sheet management. Syndication Finance Through syndication finance Warba Bank provides its clients with medium to long-term financing facilities by accessing multiple banks under one single financing agreement. Financial Institutions Department Financial Institutions covers Warba Bank’s global correspondent banking relationships with bank-to-bank and non-bank financial institutions, with the aim to support the brand awareness and position the Bank to be the well-known bank in local and international markets. Transparency... Accuracy... Commitment... We rely on transparency and accuracy in providing timely comprehensive information and data to Warba Bank investors. We also seek to protect the investors’ interests, individuals or institutions, by facilitating their access to the annual reports issued by us, as well as the quarterly statements, credit ratings, financial performance, latest updates and other important information that enable them to make proper and informed decisions. The Corporate Banking Group always makes every effort to develop and innovate, and that by providing Islamic banking solutions through which it meets the needs and aspirations of various segments of customers in several economic sectors. ❝ ❝ CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - KUWAIT - - 37 -

Lebanon 40 Salim G. Sfeir Bank of Beirut

- 40 - CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - LEBANON - About Salim G. Sfeir Salim G. Sfeir has held the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Beirut since 1993; after acquiring a minor banking institution with 5 branches ranked 35th by assets in the Lebanese banking sector along with a group of seasoned investors. Since then, Dr. Sfeir has had an active role in leading Bank of Beirut through both prosperous and challenging times and establishing its current status as a leading and widely recognised bank in Lebanon and the region. In June 2019, Salim Sfeir was unanimously elected as chairman of the influential Association of Banks in Lebanon. Dr. Sfeir launched his banking career in 1971 with Bank of Nova Scotia, Beirut. He later held the position of Deputy General Manager with Banque de la Mediterranée from 1980 to 1983. In 1983, Dr. Sfeir founded Wedge Bank (M.E.) s.a.l., Beirut, and took on the role of General Manager and Board Member until 1989. In 1987, he was appointed General Manager - Chief Executive Officer at Wedge Bank (Switzerland) S.A. and remained in that position until 1991, after which he was appointed Vice Chairman in January 1992. Salim G. Sfeir holds both a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Montreal, in addition to a Masters of Business Administration Degree from the University of Detroit.

CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - 41 - - LEBANON - Firm Profile We, at Bank of Beirut are committed to offering an unparalleled Customer Experience as we understand that this is only the beginning since our mission goes Beyond Borders. Banking Beyond Borders is our slogan… it has pushed us beyond many limits; it has made us go farther and further. In addition to being a universal Bank offering commercial banking, asset management, capital markets services and consumer banking, we were the first Bank to initiate the B-Smart self-service Digital Branches, with innovative solutions. Through our Smart Branch network, we provide services 24h 7/7, in addition to being the first Bank in Lebanon to initiate long opening hours till 10 p.m. 7/7. We may also boast being second to none or among the best in more than one field. Bank of Beirut was the first Bank in Lebanon to launch Asset Management services targeting high net-worth customers in both domestic and regional markets. Bank of Beirut is acknowledged in the important list of the “Fast Movers” banks in the world and has become, in Lebanon, the leading provider of business on line and cashmanagement services to commercial corporations. The Bank maintains an excellent transparent profile and is compliant with international banking standards and regulations. Mission We are a universal financial institution committed to serving the broadest range of clients by offering them a full array of personalized first-class banking services and products in addition to a full-fledge digital banking experience. Our commitment to achieving our goal is embedded in providing service excellence and customer satisfaction. Domestically, we intend to continue to increase our market share by expanding our delivery channel network and providing our customers with a variety of innovative digital and nondigital first-class services and products. CEO of Bank of Beirut G. Sfeir Salim

Oman 44 AbdulAziz Mohammed Al Balushi Omnivest Devaki Gulabsi Khimji Al Tasnim Group 46

Group CEO of Ominvest AbdulAziz Mohammed Al Balushi Firm Profile OMINVEST has formed three strategic verticals to work towards achieving the company’s vision of becoming an eminent investment group in the MENA region with significant global reach and impact. These verticals comprise (i) Strategic Businesses, (ii) Global Capital Markets Investments, and (iii) Investment Banking and Private Equity. Transforming Businesses to Enrich Societies Our purpose aligns with our strong belief that business can be a significant catalyst for creating scalable economic, social and environmental value. It provides clear direction for our daily actions; unites our people together; and guides us towards fulfilling our vision. We transform businesses in ways that contribute to their growth and excellence. In addition to providing our affiliate companies with growth capital, we work closely with them to build their operational and technical expertise. We support them in expanding their portfolios of products and services; we assist them in accessing new markets; and we push our management teams beyond their comfort zones and encourage them to think outside the box and innovate. We strongly believe in the important role of business in enriching societies; our investment philosophy underpins that belief. Through our portfolio companies we provide societies with valuable services and solutions. We help create jobs, nourish talents, build expertise, foster innovation, encourage knowledge exchange, embrace ESG best practices, and support local communities. CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - OMAN - - 44 -

AbdulAziz Mohammed Al Balushi AbdulAziz Mohammed Al Balushi is the Group CEO of Oman International Development and Investment Company SAOG (OMINVEST). With over 34 years of professional experience, AbdulAziz has extensive and in-depth knowledge of the global financial services industry. Since joining OMINVEST in 2014, AbdulAziz together with the Management Team transformed the Company by implementing the new Vision set forth by the Board of Directors, formulating a new organizational culture, structure, and policies. Under the leadership of AbdulAziz, the Management Team successfully accomplished the merger between OMINVEST and ONIC Holding, creating the largest publicly listed investment company in Oman. AbdulAziz and the Management Team were also responsible for several key initiatives at OMINVEST, such as, the IPO of its flagship insurance company National Life; the development of its iconic headquarters OMINVEST Business Centre; the merger of National Finance and Orix Leasing Company; Capital Raising initiatives such as the issuance of perpetual bond for OMINVEST; and the merge of Oman Arab Bank with Alizz Islamic Bank, which led to Oman Arab Bank’s listing on the Muscat Stock Exchange and becoming an SAOG. Prior to joining OMINVEST, AbdulAziz was the CEO of Ahli Bank SAOG from 2007 to 2013 and was primarily responsible for converting a singleproduct mortgage bank into a full-fledged commercial bank with assets of over US$ 3 billion and equity of over US$ 450 million. In November 2012, AbdulAziz was ranked “Second Best CEO in the Arab Banking World” by Forbes Middle East. In April 2019, he was conferred the “CEO of the Year” Award at the Oman Banking & Finance Awards by Oman Economic Review. AbdulAziz holds a Master of Science Degree in Finance from the University of Strathclyde (UK) and is a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Bankers (UK). AbdulAziz served at various Boards across the Sultanate and as an Advisory Board Member in the college of Agriculture and Marine Services at Sultan Qaboos University. Currently, AbdulAziz is the Chairman of Oman Real Estate Investments and Services SAOC and Salalah Resorts SAOC. He is Deputy Chairman of Jabreen International Development Company SAOC; and a Board member at Oman Arab Bank SAOG, National Finance Company SAOG and National Life and General Insurance SAOG. Additionally, he is a member of Oman American Business Centre, an organization formed to foster the development of commercial activity between the United States of America and the Sultanate of Oman. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Services, an organisation supporting professionalism in Financial Services. CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - OMAN - - 45 -

Managing Director of Al Tasnim Group Devaki Gulabsi Khimji About Devaki Gulabsi Khimji Devaki served as the Managing Director and Founding Partner of India Circus Retail Pvt Ltd. in India for 4 years. Her business acumen and foresight were essential to India Circus’ launch and financial growth. She guided the brand through the market with her reputed management skills, precedent from her past endeavours. Previously, she has embarked on various successful entrepreneurial ventures, implementing her expertise to ensure the best fiscal reception of her brand. She has also acquired an indispensable understanding of the global market, including the domain of electronic-commerce. With strong management skills, both traditional and technologically-specific, Devaki’s experience and proficiency has channelled her businesses and aspirations in the appropriate direction. Devaki combines her passion for fitness with a keen business sense, which has made her one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the fitness industry. She is solely responsible for the smooth functioning of all K11 Fitness Management (India) projects. She has also pioneered many fitness club/gym management systems and ensured their successful implementation. K11 has grown from a band of 11 people to a company with almost 400 employees due to her vision and management abilities. Devaki joined the Al Tasnim Group in 2012 and immediately restructured the Group into manageable divisions. As Managing Director, she not only manages and steers the Group in right direction but also adds value through introduction of new product lines. CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - OMAN - - 46 -

Firm Profile Started as a small family-owned business, the Al Tasnim Group is now a leader in Oman’s construction industry. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified construction company in Oman with over four decades of experience. As one of the esteemed “All Service Groups” in Oman, we offer a wide range of services from civil, mechanical and electrical construction to steel fabrication and structural steelworks. We have also worked on turnkey projects for landscaping and irrigation. We have played an active role in building some of the most renowned landmarks in the Sultanate of Oman, which is a testimony of our superior skills, quality, craftsmanship and timely delivery. To date, we have successfully completed over 500+ projects in Oman, including the Al Ameen Mosque in Muscat, National Bank of Oman, Royal Opera House in Muscat, Zawawi Trading Mercedes Showroom in Muscat, Al Husn Village Roadworks, Muscat International Airport Seeb, Liwa Health Centre, to name a few. Our diverse team of over 30,000 skilled and qualified personnel follow a hands-on, collaborative approach on all projects; understanding the needs of the client and delivering well beyond their expectations. This is one of the reasons why our esteemed clients choose us for repeat business when it comes to construction & related services in Oman. As an award-winning construction company in Oman, we make use of state-of-the-art vehicles and equipment that are powered by advance, innovative technology. What’s more, our asset base – spread over 55 locations – comprises of manufacturing plants, land & quarries, construction equipment, a large fleet of commercial vehicles, among others. Our other divisions include building finishes products, and roads, asphalt & infrastructure works, manufacturing of cement products, mining & quarrying, and rotomoulding. Our Oil and Gas division executes multi-discipline engineering design, procurement, construction, precommissioning and commissioning services. We also have a Product Dealership & Trading division that sources materials & products from across the globe, providing the highest quality products at an optimum cost. It is our constant endeavour to offer our clients international quality products and skills that are needed to effectively meet the growing demands of the nation in the construction industry. As an HSE compliant company, we ensure all projects and products are delivered to the client without compromise. We also do our bit towards safeguarding the environment and ensure employees health and safety is given top priority. No matter what your needs are, we can provide you with comprehensive construction & related services in Oman. CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - OMAN - - 47 -

Qatar 50 Abdulrahman Essa Al-Mannai Milaha Ibrahim Jassim Al-Othman United Development Company (UDC) 52 Khalid Mohammed Jolo Nebras Power 54

Abdulrahman Essa Al-Mannai About Abdulrahman Essa Al-Mannai Mr. Abdulrahman Essa Al-Mannai has been the President and CEO of Milaha Group (Qatar Navigation) since September 2015. He leads all the business areas of Milaha. Prior to joining Milaha, Mr. Al-Mannai held various leadership positions at Qatargas, the world’s largest liquefied natural gas company, where he oversaw the largest LNG supply chain, Europe’s largest regasification terminal, South Hook LNG Terminal, amongst other roles. Throughout his career, Mr. Al-Mannai developed extensive experience in multiple fields, including shipping, energy markets, and commercial activities, achieving a strong record of success. Mr. Al-Mannai has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. CEO of Milaha CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - QATAR - - 50 -

Firm Profile Milaha is one of the largest and most diversified maritime and logistics companies in the Middle East with a focus on providing integrated transport and supply chain solutions. Milaha has a rich history, starting as a shipping agent in 1957, and strategically building a strong regional foothold in transportation and logistics through a growing fleet, state-of-the art equipment, dedicated staff and world-class partners. We have five strategic business units, offering a broad range of services. Maritime & Logistics, Offshore Marine, Gas & Petrochem, Marine & Technical Services and Capital. Over the years, Milaha has built five strategic businesses with a single-minded approach tomeeting our customers’ goals. All our business units are fully integrated— linked by strong communication and a shared sense of responsibility. This interaction ensures rapid solutions to all your maritime and logistic challenges, delivered with specialist, sector-specific capabilities and knowledge. MARITIME & LOGISTICS Our Maritime & Logistics division delivers a comprehensive range of services to some of the region’s biggest players in the oil, gas & petrochem sectors – as well as major importers, exporters and shipping companies. GAS & PETROCHEM Milaha Gas & Petroleum fully owns and operates a young, modern fleet of five product tankers and crude oil carriers, two gas carriers, and two LNG carriers. In addition, the unit also owns partial stakes ranging from 15 – 30% in seven LNG carriers, and a 50% stake in Gulf LPG, which owns and operates four Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs). OFFSHORE MARINE Over 25 years ago, Milaha started providing support and supply services to companies working in Qatar’s offshore oilfields. Providing specialised vessels to all companies and EPC contractors, we rapidly expanded, strengthening our presence in an important sector of the local economy. MARINE TECHNICAL SERVICES With our excellent reputation in Qatar, and unrivalled access to the local market, Milaha Trading represents some of the best-known truck, heavy equipment, machinery and lubrication brands. The integrated nature of our business ensures multiplied opportunities for those we represent. VISION To be the partner of choice in the maritime & logistics sector, with a dominant share in our home market and a strong international presence; to deliver sustainable growth to our shareholders MISSION To consistently deliver reliable services by focusing on safety, quality and our customers; to provide an enriching work environment and to always live by our values CORE VALUES STRIVE - We serve every client in the best way possible, and improve our service everyday. COMMITTED - We are honest with our colleagues and clients and partners. We never overpromise and we never under-deliver. We finish what we start. SYNCHRONIZED - Our success comes from our collective strength and our ability to work together to solve complex problems and innovate smart solutions. INSPIRED - Our history is a source of pride for us but we also have an eye for the future to leave a valuable legacy. CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - QATAR - - 51 -

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