CEO Today - Middle East Awards 2022

Firm Profile Nebras Power is a global power development and investment company headquartered in Doha, Qatar. Our mission is to develop and manage a portfolio of strategic investments in the power sector globally. Set up to take advantage of energy investment opportunities created by the global growth in demand for electricity and water, Nebras Power is an active player in the evolving global power industry, pioneering future energy solutions through its long-term investments. We form part of Qatar’s 2030 Vision to diversify the economy, to promote sustainable long term development of the country and to be the custodian of wealth for future generations. Nebras Power Strategy Guided by our Vision, Mission and Values, we strive to achieve optimal investment portfolio returns while growing our global asset base. We invest globally in power generation, sourcing and logistic of fuel, water desalination, water treatment, district cooling/heating projects. Target Markets We are a global power development and investment company and we pursue long-term value creation. We aim at maximizing shareholder returns in the context of an acceptable risk profile. Shareholders We target to achieve a well-balanced investment portfolio in terms of technology mix, markets, merchant exposure, and greenfield developments vs. M&A. Nebras Asset Portfolio We target to secure significant governance rights over investees through either direct control or an acceptable level of influence over management, operations and cash flow generation. Corporate Governance We want to develop and grow key technical, commercial, market, management competences and expertise across all technologies and target markets. Technologies We adopt financial discipline while pursuing growth. We aim at maintaining at all times a stand-alone investment grade credit rating. Financial Information We want to build successful long-term relationships with strategic partners (utilities, power developers, EPC, OEM, O&M providers, financial institutions) for developing opportunities in target markets. CEO of Nebras Power Mohammed Jolo Khalid CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - QATAR - - 55 -

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