CEO Today - Middle East Awards 2022

CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - 9 - - BAHRAIN - What have you been working on over the past 12 months? I have been working on extending the diversity of TCIG. Over the past 12 months, we have launched Hydur, our foray into a directly consumer-facing business. A lifestyle brand that curates quintessential products that provide individuality and personalisation which, we believe, drive memorability for our customers. The Hydur business has 5 dedicated verticals:HydurFragrances–primarily focused on scent nebulization for on the go, at home and work scenting; Hydur Collective – a unique limited piece-based fashion collective; Hydur Workshop – the first dedicated B2B Clothing manufacturing service with no minimum order quantities to support smaller businesses who want to launch their own brands; Hydur Bespoke – a distinctive contemporary tailoring and styling service in the GCC and Hydur Residences – Branded Villas, Hotels and Interiors for the higher end of the market. Our residences are designed and built with the residents in mind not just to look good but to be functional. The Hydur business launch has proven to be a massive success with fully operational bases in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the United Kingdom. In addition to the Hydur business, we have launched a fully-fledged travel operation in the United Kingdom and Bahrain to support our ongoing fulfilment partners for loyalty and travel programs with a full IATA license and relevant tourism licensing in place. This has given us more control over the fulfilment aspect of our travel product to our customers globally and sees our entry into the travel and tourism business. What do you look forward to for the future of TCIG? As a talent-centric business, the future is all about holding and introducing talent in the verticals we operate in. We aim to train, engage, and recruit the finest talent not just based on experience but based on conviction and a passion to succeed. Furthermore, the future is all about local and international growth, and we have implemented a focused strategy that will see our global business footprint grow into the United States and beyond. In addition to growing our partnerships with our plethora of global brands, we are engaging actively with new partners and clients that will see us growing our Loyalty, Travel and Manufacturing businesses respectively in new markets and regions.

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