CEO Today - Middle East Awards 2022

- 10 - CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - BAHRAIN - We are also undergoing a process of our propriety platform technology upgrade, which will see our already superior technology platform that is delivering online selling and fulfilment for Travel, Loyalty and e-Commerce hit even higher heights setting the benchmark and exceeding what currently the technology space has to offer. Our new technology will be driven by business and marketeers, as this has always been the philosophy and approach since day one, unlike others who are driven by techies. The importance of loaded not bloated technology platforms is at the heart of our evolution and technology that delivers on time, user-intuitive front ends and superior user-friendly administrative functions that will see us setting a new standard in the technology platform space. What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being the CEO of TCIG? The most challenging part of my role as the CEO is to steer the business to grow organically and methodically. It can be tempting to bite more than one can chew, but my approach is to take things piece by piece, do them right and do them justice then grow them leading into building selfsufficient divisions that feed into an eco-system of delivery that is holistic yet cohesive and complementary to another element of the business. The rewards are seen when we can offer holisticness in our deliverable obligations to our partners and clients, globally, by devising well thought out strategies and programs that enable businesses to flourish without the complexity of managing multiple 3rd party relationships. Being able to say yes and to challenge the rationale is all that I and my team are about foundationally. The sense of seeing a strategy to deliver and running it to success is what the organisation thrives off. What does this award mean to you? It is humbling to have received this award, not just for me personally but for my whole team too. Without my team’s unprecedented support and alignment to my vision, the success and recognition would be meaningless. So, I accept this award not just as a CEO of a global organisation but as a person who sees the reason for my personal and organisational success in the hands of a dedicated, diverse, and committed team of experts and perfectionists who are not simply in a job for namesake but do things with conviction and passion. I especially would like to share this award with my colleagues Ali Cohen and Majd Hejair, without whom at the helm, the day-to-day operations of a complex organisation like ours would simply not be possible. This one is for the team.

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