CEO Today - Middle East Awards 2022

- 8 - CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - BAHRAIN - Tell us a little bit about TCIG’s values and mission? Ali Cohen and I took the saying “Jack of all trade, master on none” and challenged this. Why can’t you be a “Jack of all trade, master of all?”. The reality is, businesses spend more time managing outsourced services than focusing on the needs of business, mostly delivered by multiple companies with no holistic overview of the challenges at hand. With this simple problem in mind, we gave birth to a smart, talentdriven organisation delivering comprehensive services to partners worldwide in a singular relationship. With the delivery ecosystem at TCIG, we strategise not for the sake of strategy but tangible, deliverable solutions to common day business problems and needs. Multiple relationships under one hood. This is the key to the success of our diverse organisation. Our mission is outlined simply with a mantra that we all at the organisation live by: Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. Nothing but perfection will do. What makes TCIG unique? Our key uniqueness is in our people, they are at the helm of the deliverable ecosystem. The passion and loyalty our team has to deliver cohesiveness and excellence is what makes us at TCIG a go-to partner, not just a supplier or vendor. There is no company in the region, if not globally, that can offer a truly comprehensive offering like TCIG. Anyone can come up with an idea, or an element of the product that is not part of the core business, and we will take things from start to finish. From Strategy to Concept, from Business Development & Marketing to Program Management and Fulfilment, from Contact Centre Support to Accounting Support; in essence, an arm of a business within a business. Our multiple divisions feed each other to deliver our clients and partners with holisticness in thinking, delivery and management of programs for travel, e-commerce, loyalty and manufacturing.

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