CEO Today - Middle East Awards 2022 Firm Profile TAM Finans, established in 2002, is owned by ACTERA Partners Group (largest PE in Turkey) & EBRD holding a 9.5% shareholding. It provides fast solutions to its clients across the country through its 39 branch network among 26 cities, using a total staff size of nearly 700 employees. It answers the short-term financing needs of the “untapped” micro SMEs with huge potential; most of them “unbankable” and are less sensitive to spreads, providing high margins for the business In the last 6 years, TAM Finans: • Received more than 100 B TL of factoring applications • Approved 42 M TL transactions • Realized 615K transactions with 105K different micro SME’s TAM manages a diversified / a “balanced” funding pool using bank loans, bonds issued at Capital Markets and re-factoring transactions. TAM Finans holds a strong “fintech” capability with in-house R&D Center by Ministry of Sci. & Tech. Effective use of integrated systems, automated processes & data analytics allow the Company to enjoy a clear leadership in market in terms of number of clients and number of transactions with an almost 40% market share. KIOS, the scorecard designed in the R&D Center, uses its sub-scorecards and decision trees, evaluates and prices on an average of 2000 applications per day. 60% of the applications are evaluated without human intervention and the process is run by AI. KIOS & Predictive Intelligence processes enable TAM Finans to “filter” a large number of transactions coming through the door. The NPL ratio has been lower than 1% for 7 consecutive years. Portfolio distribution is very diverse in terms of industry as well as geography with minimized exposure per customer & per drawer. It has a proven, resilient financial track record in last six years despite volatile market circumstances with6-year back to back net income generation. The company has realized 70% growth in volume in 2021. CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - TURKEY - - 75 -

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