CEO Today - Middle East Awards 2022

Founder & CEO of Foundation Holdings - UAE Abhishek Sharma Firm Profile Foundation Holdings is a private investment firm focused on the critical and impactful healthcare and education sectors with the vision to build sustainable, industry defining healthcare and education companies. The firm’s mission is to transform businesses into global champions by enhancing their service quality, growth trajectory and brand equity whilst evolving these businesses to the next level of transformational growth via an IPO. The firm seeks to advance the interests of all stakeholders in the healthcare and education ecosystems with excellence. “We believe that the fast growing and resilient healthcare and education are cornerstone sectors in contributing to and serving society’s individual and institutional needs. We will drive our company to a leadership position in these markets.” Mr Murtadha Sultan - Chairman, Foundation Holdings “To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society. Foundation Holdings invests in extraordinary businesses in healthcare and education, partnering with their leaders to achieve leaps of growth, profitability and impact. We are inspired by the overarching goal of Profit with Purpose.” Mr Abhishek Sharma - Chief Executive Officer, Foundation Holdings - 80 - CEO Today Mi dd l e Ea s t Award s 2022 - UAE -

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