CEO Today - Middle East Awards 2024

Dhabi, Egypt and Saudi, building digital twins and immersive experiences to promote the country to the rest of the world, all supported by our AI creation product, hosting and monetization technology. Today, our vision is to build the technology to make the 3D internet possible - what we believe is the next evolution of the Internet. We are also working on creating a fairer economy for creators, across all platforms - a web3 platform we just soft launched called Matera and that recently raised $3.6m. A more detailed story is available here: Landvault builds technology to power the 3D internet, from AI-assisted creations to helping businesses bring their products to life and creating new revenue channels. Can you discuss some of the groundbreaking technologies or practices that have been pivotal in achieving this and how they align with your overall business strategy? The technologies have been built to answer local clients’ needs. When we opened the Dubai office, we only had monetization technology. We learnt from our first clients here that they needed: 1. a way to build environments faster and cheaper. This is why we build our AI product that can turn images into 3D assets 2. a way to deploy the content on the web, on local servers. This is why we build our Publishing platform 3. a way to measure success and assess ROI - our Analytics platform 4. a way to create economies within their worlds - which is why we build Tokenization via our spin-off Matera Overall, all product decisions stemmed from understanding customers needs and productizing that. More info about our strategy here: Despite advances in AI and high-profile launches like Apple’s Vision Pro, the full potential of the 3D internet, or spatial computing, as Apple would phrase it, seems to remain underexplored. From your perspective, why has it been challenging for these technologies to gain mainstream traction compared to AI, and how is Landvault leveraging these technologies to shape future digital experiences? The 3D internet is not just a technology, it’s an entire paradigm shift towards a more immersive, dynamic internet, powered by gaming technologies. AI is a massive catalyst of the 3D internet as it enables much faster creation of 3D interfaces. We see the rollout of the 3D internet as a more seamless rollout, similar to how most mobile apps were focused on photos first, then videos replaced them as the most common media. 3D will be the next step, it won’t happen overnight, but many things on the internet can be better done in 3D and Landvault is building the technology stack to make this happen. “The 3D internet is not just a technology, it’s an entire paradigm shift towards a more immersive, dynamic internet, powered by gaming technologies.” CEO Today Middle East Awards 2024 - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - - 34 -

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