CEO Today - Middle East Awards 2024

- 33 - Samuel, could you begin by sharing Landvault’s founding vision and how this has evolved under your leadership? The company started in 2018 under the name Admix, with a simple vision: gaming and virtual worlds were going to create entirely new opportunities for brands to reach a new audience in an interactive way. We developed a solution for brands to integrate product placements into any video games, seamlessly. Over the next few years, we managed to raise significant capital (close to $35m) and grow the company, working with some of the largest advertisers: Uber, National Geographic, McDonalds, Coca-Cola. In 2021, many of our clients started to hear about the metaverse and wanted to do more than advertising, but building their own virtual experiences. We saw a big demand for extending our product to create experiences, not just advertising, and acquired the Landvault studio, and built award winning experiences for the likes of Mastercard or Heineken. Going through the bear market and many brands pulling off the metaverse, we had to adapt drastically to find a new segment of consumers. I moved to Dubai to open a new branch of Landvault, focused on the country’s metaverse strategy. During our first year, we won contracts with various government entities across Dubai, Abu CEO Today Middle East Awards 2024 - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES -

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