CEO Today - Middle East Awards 2024

to providing exceptional customer satisfaction drove our success. Winning the Best Customer Satisfaction Award for MG Motors in the Middle East for 2023 affirmed the effectiveness of our efforts. The expansion of the aftersales network, with 14 service centers now available countrywide, reflects MG’s dedication to delivering hassle-free experiences to customers. Moving forward, we remain focused on expanding MG Motor Oman’s aftersales network to ensure timely and high-quality service, staffed by trained professionals equipped with the latest technology. Bringing together the Tires and Batteries business with Automotive to foster growth for brands like Michelin and BF Goodrich represents a strategic consolidation. What was your vision behind this integration, and how has it impacted the company’s market position? The integration of the Tires and Batteries business with the Automotive division was driven by a strategic vision to foster growth for brands like Michelin and BF Goodrich while enhancing the company’s market position. By consolidating these complementary businesses, we aimed to streamline operations, leverage synergies, and maximize efficiency across our product offerings. This integration allows us to provide customers with a comprehensive range of products, including world-renowned brands like Michelin, BF Goodrich, and others, backed by professional after-sales service. By offering a one-stop solution for automotive needs, we have strengthened our market position and enhanced customer satisfaction, positioning MHD ACERE as a leader in the automotive industry in Oman. The foundation of MHD Leasing LLC. is a significant diversification move? How does this subsidiary support Oman’s domestic tourist industry, and what future plans do you have for it in the changing landscape of travel and tourism? The establishment of MHD Leasing LLC marks a significant diversification move, offering rental and leasing services for cars, commercial vehicles, and construction equipment to individuals and commercial establishments in Oman. Through key operational initiatives, we drive and maintain new business growth, supporting Oman’s domestic tourist industry by providing convenient, quality, and affordable vehicle rental services. Expanding to the airport underscores our commitment to accessibility, aiming to be a top choice for tourists and residents alike, promoting tourism for Oman with exceptional service and a diverse fleet. With the tourism ministry’s efforts to promote Oman as a tourist destination and projections of promising growth in the car rental market, MHD Leasing LLC is poised for a dynamic future in the changing landscape of travel and tourism. “Under my leadership, MHD ACERE has experienced remarkable expansion in both sales and aftersales networks throughout Oman.” CEO Today Middle East Awards 2024 - OMAN - - 11 -

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