CEO Today - Middle East Awards 2024

Mohsin, reflecting on your journey from a Business Management graduate to becoming the CEO of MHD ACERE, how do you believe your educational background has influenced your leadership style and decision-making within the conglomerate? My education at Brunel University London and later at King’s College London has profoundly shaped my leadership style and decision-making at MHD ACERE. Through an interdisciplinary approach, I’ve learned to assess challenges and opportunities from various perspectives, considering their societal, economic, and political implications. With a background in politics, philosophy, and economics, I’ve honed critical thinking skills crucial for effective leadership, enabling me to analyze complex situations and devise innovative solutions for MHD ACERE’s adaptability in dynamic markets. My deep understanding of political economy, particularly in the Middle East, equips me with insights to navigate the region’s unique business landscape, anticipating regulatory changes, geopolitical risks, and socioeconomic trends. Ultimately, my educational journey forms a solid foundation for leading MHD ACERE, blending analytical rigor, ethical leadership, and strategic foresight to drive sustainable growth and success. When you first stepped into the role of CEO at MHD, the economic landscape was beginning to feel the impact of the global pandemic. Can you share your initial thoughts and strategies for navigating the company through such turbulent times? The Covid-19 pandemic was personally humbling for me. In response, we merged several of our verticals to optimize operations. Shifting all customer communications to digital mediums such as websites and social media became imperative during this time. This adaptive approach not only ensured continuity but also enhanced our reach and engagement with customers in a rapidly changing landscape. Stepping into the role of CEO at MHD during the onset of the global pandemic, I recognized the urgent need for innovative strategies to navigate through turbulent times. Understanding the significance of technology and digital transformation, I introduced initiatives like launching e-commerce operations for Jaguar, Land Rover, and MG Motors, simplifying the car purchasing process to just three clicks. Your tenure has seen the introduction of specialized companies like ABB EV Chargers, and Weir Trio to Oman, contributing significantly to the socioeconomic development of the nation. What motivated you to bring these brands under MHD ACERE’s umbrella, and how did you identify them as key players for Oman’s growth? Bringing specialized companies like ABB EV Chargers, and Weir Trio to Oman was motivated by a dual commitment: to contribute to Oman’s socioeconomic development and to lead the private sector in implementing sustainable business practices. Recognizing the imperative for sustainable energy solutions amid global warming, MHD established the Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles Division, pioneering clean energy innovation in Oman. The recent partnership with ABB for high-power EV chargers’ underscores MHD’s dedication to advancing e-mobility and sustainability locally. These initiatives align with MHD’s vision to drive technological innovation and economic growth while promoting environmental responsibility. The expansion of MHD ACERE’s sales and aftersales network has been remarkable under your leadership. Can you discuss the challenges and successes in doubling the number of aftersales areas and adding new sales locations throughout Oman? Under my leadership, MHD ACERE has experienced remarkable expansion in both sales and aftersales networks throughout Oman. Doubling the number of aftersales areas and adding new sales locations posed significant challenges, but our commitment CEO Today Middle East Awards 2024 - OMAN - - 10 -

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