CEO Today - Middle East Awards 2023

CEO Today Middle East Awards 2023 - UAE - - 48 - Additionally, probably the most significant change for the company was taking the first steps out of the UAE. As the first company to start up operations at the Port of Umm Qasr in Iraq, Gulftainer stepped out onto the international stage, making sure that it took the same ethos and standards for productivity and efficiency with it. I always made sure that we never lost sight of our beginnings. Even today, when we are still the only Middle Eastern company to manage and operate ports in the USA, we continue in the same vein. We have broken records over the years for our levels of productivity, and we have become increasingly recognised for our innovative solutions, but we are most proud of being called a trusted partner by so many of our customers. In the markets that challenge others, we are proud to say that we have never walked away from those challenges. Gulftainer provides its clients with a wide range of logistics and transportation services; which services have been championed by you as CEO and are core to the Gulftainer business? Terminal Management is the key area of Gulftainer’s expertise. Cargo handling or Stevedoring has been the core of the business. Through the years, we have added many services to our portfolio for our customers – supply chain management (transportation, freight forwarding, and logistics), container repair, Inland logistics cities management, and international port advisors - but we always stay true to what we do best, moving cargo fast, efficiently and safely. We take pride in our operational capabilities and our relationships with all our customers. This combination makes Gulftainer a preferred partner for Investment funds, Government organisations and Agencies, and private companies seeking to make infrastructure investments. Given the scope of your operations, what is your company ethos? As CEO, how do you foster this amongst your workforce? We developed a culture and values ethos at Gulftainer to work in concert with the corporate social responsibility business model, which was developed in 2015 to operate the company in ways that enhance the communities and the environment in which we operate. The core pillars of our policy have been derived from the U.N. Global Compact principles and fit with our corporate and our industry’s ethos. Our CSR pillars are: • Corporate Governance – Ensuring the company is healthy makes sure everything else works well • Employability – supporting continuous education and training keeps employees motivated and at the forefront of industry innovation • Health & Safety – By far, the most important part of everything we do is keeping our colleagues, customers, and their cargo safe • The Environment – we work in a delicate environment – the oceans - and often in neighbourhoods with communities, so we aim to keep these areas safe. Gulftainer USA - Port Canaveral

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