CEO Today - Middle East Awards 2024

year, there is a need for sophisticated diagnostic equipment and trained technicians to maintain and repair modern vehicles effectively. Auto Expert addresses this need by providing advanced diagnostic training and development, ensuring that customers receive affordable and convenient car care solutions. The consumer response to this initiative has been positive, with drivers appreciating the comprehensive services and expertise offered by Auto Expert. As a leader, you have steered MHD ACERE through significant transformations and expansions. Looking ahead, what are your key priorities for the company in the next five years, especially considering the dynamic nature of the automotive and healthcare industries? Looking ahead, my key priorities for MHD ACERE over the next five years include aligning our strategies with Oman’s Vision 2040 and contributing to the Sultanate’s economic and developmental goals. We are committed to enhancing the role of the corporate sector and increasing our contribution to national initiatives. Recognizing the importance of youth in driving growth, we aim to empower and engage Omani youth, ensuring they play a significant role in shaping the future of Oman. In terms of industry focus, we will continue to navigate the dynamic automotive and healthcare sectors by prioritizing innovation, sustainability, and customercentric solutions. Our goal is to remain agile and adaptable, seizing opportunities for growth while maintaining our commitment to excellence and service. What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs and business leaders in Oman who aspire to make a similar impact in their industries? To young entrepreneurs and business leaders in Oman, I would advise embracing a mindset of agility, creativity, and resilience. Seize every opportunity, big or small, and use all available tools to drive growth and overcome obstacles. Remember that the role of a CEO extends beyond administrative duties; strive to be a friend, coach, leader, and motivator to your colleagues. Foster a culture where every employee is valued and encouraged to contribute to the company’s ideation and decision-making processes. By remaining focused on your goals and nurturing a collaborative environment, you can make a meaningful impact in your industries and achieve success in your endeavors. Finally, as the newly elected Chairman of Al Amerat Club this year, how do you feel about assuming this role, and could you share your vision for the future of the club? In January, HH Sayyid Theyazin bin Haitham Al Said, Minister of Culture, Sports, and Youth, announced the approval of the Council of Ministers to establish sports and cultural clubs in various Wilayats, including Al Amerat Club in Muscat governorate. This decision reflects HM Sultan Haitham bin Tarik’s dedication to promoting sports and culture, recognizing their vital role in nurturing youth talents and providing platforms for cultural and sports activities. Al Amerat’s inclusion marked a historic milestone for the Wilayat, one of the most populous in Muscat governorate alongside Seeb, Bausher, Qurayyat, and Muttrah. With a focus on youth empowerment, aligned with Oman Vision 2040 under His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik’s leadership, the youth of Al Amerat can anticipate an enriching schedule of sporting activities in the years to come. And as the Chairman of the club, I intend to bring the Oman 2040 Vision to its fructification. CEO Today Middle East Awards 2024 - OMAN - - 13 -

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